Yochi Dreazen promoted to Deputy Editor of News for Foreign Policy


News Story from: 2/25/14

David Rothkopf today announced that Yochi Dreazen has been promoted to Deputy Editor of News for Foreign Policy. The full memo of the announcement to staff is below.

FEBRUARY 25, 2014



It is my distinct and sincere pleasure to formally announce the appointment of Yochi Dreazen to serve as FP’s Deputy Editor for News.   In this role, Yochi will lead the efforts of our growing team of reporters worldwide and help oversee its planned future expansion.  As you have often heard me observe, the quality of our reporting and writing is the bedrock of what we do here at FP, the reason our global audience has come to depend on us over the course of the past nearly half a century as one of the world’s leading sources of insight and analysis on global affairs.  We’re committed to expanding that capacity and Yochi is the ideal person work with Ben, Peter, and I to ensure our success with that initiative. 

As you all know, since Yochi joined FP last August as a senior writer covering national security and foreign policy, he has been instrumental in not only driving FP’s coverage, but also breaking some of the biggest stories we’ve run this year.  In everything he has done for us, in fact, Yochi has shown the kind of skills, integrity, energy, and insights that reflect the highest standards of journalism and will enable him to lead our great team by example.  

As you also know, he came to us last year from an exceptionally distinguished career as an award-winning reporter who has covered the front lines as a combat embed in Iraq and Afghanistan, reported from more than 20 countries, and has written for some of the world’s leading publications.  On top of this, for those of you who haven’t heard, his forthcoming book, The Invisible Front, looks at the military’s suicide epidemic and the impact of having hundreds of thousands of veterans return home with PTSD. It’s due out in October, so mark your calendars for an FP-hosted book party.

In the meantime, I hope you will join me in congratulating Yochi in this new role and in doing whatever you can to help continue to ensure his and our success in serving our international audience by providing the very best coverage and analysis anywhere of the stories that are changing the world.