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“Always authoritative but never heavy-handed, Foreign Policy delivers on its mission to take readers beyond the facts to understand how the world works,”

– Judges remarks, National Magazine Award, 2007

Foreign Policy’s standard for excellence has made it the place where world leaders turn to express their own views and to engage one another. From Bill and Melinda Gates to Israeli President Shimon Peres, from Condoleezza Rice to Senators John Kerry and John McCain, from Turkish President Abdullah Gul to Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei, the FP contributor list reads much like the who’s who that is our audience.

Its contributors in recent years have been among the world’s global leaders at the highest levels of government and industry. From Pulitzer Prize winning journalists Tom Ricks and David Hoffmann, to Nobel Prize recipient Robert Fogel, to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator John Kerry, as well as international heads of state, Foreign Policy offers its readers unprecedented access to the leaders of the world.

Foreign Policy is read by the most powerful leaders in business and politics:

  • 77 percent have a college degree
  • 75 percent have a household income of $125K or more

Editorial Features:

  • Annual Top Global Thinkers List: Now in its fifth year, FP published its first ever year-end issue entirely devoted to a ranking of the world’s Top Global Thinkers along with a survey that analyzed the key issues facing policy makers worldwide. Read it here.

  • The Failed States Index: The Failed States Index is in its ninth consecutive year and is published each summer in conjunction with the Fund for Peace. Read it here.

  • The Annual War Issue: Foreign Policy’s Annual War Issue is published during March/April, and takes a look at America’s involvement in military conflicts worldwide. Read it here.

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