Slate Cited FP’s Marc Lynch on Syria


News Story from: 7/19/13


“Is It Too Late to Help Syria?” 

By: Fred Kaplan 


Is it too late for us to do something about Syria? It depends, in part, on how you define “something.”

In Foreign Policy last month, Marc Lynch, one of the smartest analysts of Middle Eastern politics, drew a crucial distinction in assessing U.S. policy toward the conflict. “Should Syria be viewed,” he asked, “as a front in a broad regional cold war against Iran and its allies or as a humanitarian catastrophe that must be resolved?” Alas, “both” is an untenable answer. Steps that bleed Iran are likely to prolong the bloodshed; steps that abate the suffering might require dealing with Iran—Syrian President Bashar Assad’s chief backer—and thus solidifying its position as a regional power.

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