Veronika Zubo


Director of Events
Washington, D.C.

Veronika Zubo is Foreign Policy’s Director of Events. In this role, she is responsible for planning and producing FP’s diverse program of conferences, regional forums, policy summits and other convenings. She also supports program development and strategic planning efforts to help elevate the profile, reach and impact of the FP events platform.

Previously, Veronika was the Director of Programs and Strategy at Governing, the nation’s publication of record for state and local government. During her tenure, she managed and expanded Governing’s custom programs and successfully spearheaded innovative business development and audience growth initiatives. In addition to her media sector and events expertise, Veronika has substantive experience in government and client relations. She has a keen interest in designing and implementing projects that are geared at promoting cross-sector collaboration and collective impact across government, business and philanthropy.

Veronika has a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and a Master’s in Political Science from California State University Long Beach. She is originally from Vienna, Austria and speaks English, German, Slovak, and French.