Meet Our Staff


Andrew Sollinger

New York, NY

Andrew Sollinger is Foreign Policy’s Publisher. He joined FP in March 2018 to oversee all revenue generating efforts through subscriptions, sponsorships, advertising, events, […]

Claire Casey

Managing Director, FP Analytics
Washington, D.C.

Claire founded and heads FP Analytics, the research and analytics division of the FP Group, publisher of Foreign Policy Magazine. […]

Diana Marrero

Vice President, Strategic Development
Washington, D.C.

Diana Marrero is Vice President of Strategic Development at Foreign Policy Magazine. She works with a wide range of public […]

Keith Arends

Keith Arends

Vice President, Education Sales
New York, NY

Keith Arends is responsible for Foreign Policy’s institutional subscriptions sales, developing and executing FP’s licensing and custom news strategies, as […]

Allison Carlson

Senior Vice President, FP Analytics
Washington, D.C.

For more than 10 years, Allison has led the energy and technology team analyzing global energy and climate policies, with a specific focus […]

Susan Sadigova

Director of Strategic Development
Washington, D.C.

Susan Sadigova is Foreign Policy’s Director of Strategic Development. She is responsible for developing long-term institutional partnerships with public and […]

Antoine van Agtmael

Senior Advisor, FP Analytics
Washington, D.C.

As a senior advisor, Antoine brings decades of experience successfully anticipating and acting on emerging global trends. Antoine was the principal founder, CEO and […]

Jason Lee

Data Director
New York, NY

Jason Lee is Foreign Policy’s Data Director. He joined FP in 2018 to manage data operations & reporting relating to […]

Veronika Zubo

Director of Events
Washington, D.C.

Veronika Zubo is Foreign Policy’s Director of Events. In this role, she is responsible for planning and producing FP’s diverse […]

Yuxin Lin

Senior Associate, FP Analytics
Washington, D.C.

 Yuxin manages FP Analytics’ global research projects. She has 12 years of experience in economics, market, and policy research and analysis, with a focus on […]

Jonathan Goldstein

Associate, FP Analytics
Washington, D.C.

Jonathan leads economic research projects focused on the economic impacts and policy implications of emerging trends – with a special focus on manufacturing, energy, and […]

Caitlin Thompson

Media and Marketing Associate
Washington, D.C.

Caitlin Thompson is the Media and Marketing Associate at Foreign Policy. Prior to joining FP, she worked on the communications […]

Dejana Saric

Advertising and Strategic Development Associate
Washington, D.C.

Dejana Saric is the Advertising and Strategic Development Associate at Foreign Policy. Prior to joining FP, she worked on Balkan […]

David Varndell

Web Developer
Washington, D.C.

David Varndell is a web developer who came to Foreign Policy in October 2015 after spending nine years with Post […]

Priya Nannapaneni

Web Developer

Priya Nannapaneni has been a web developer at Foreign Policy since 2010. She has a master’s degree in software engineering […]