Huffington Post Mentions FP in Cairo Article


News Story from: 7/25/13

Huffington Post

“The Latest From Cairo” 

By: Victor J. Willi


On Tuesday July 24, the Egyptian Defense Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces, Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, during a graduation ceremony broadcasted live on Egyptian television, asked “all honest and trustworthy Egyptians” to come out to the streets in large numbers this coming Friday. The goal of such street action was to “show the world” the determination of the Egyptian people while giving him and the army a “mandate to confront violence and potential terrorism.” A few hours later, the “Morning Brief” of Foreign Policy Magazine opined that al-Sisi’s statement “raised fears that he may be searching popular legitimacy to back another crackdown on the Islamists.”

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