FP’s Josh Rogin in the Daily Beast on Iraq’s New Ambassador to the U.S.


News Story from: 7/31/13

The Daily Beast

“Baghdad’s Man Inside the Beltway: Iraq’s new ambassador to the US has a tough task ahead”

By Josh Rogin


In an empty but ornately decorated reception room in a building on Washington’s embassy row, the new Iraqi ambassador to the U.S., Lukman Faily, is making what, charitably, might be described as a rather tough case: Iraq, he says, is still a good investment for America—and America should get more involved.

It’s an argument Faily recently proposed in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, writing, “Though most Americans probably believe that Iraqis are fed up with the U.S., the truth is that Iraqis appreciate what the U.S. has done and are looking for more U.S. involvement—not more sacrifice of blood and treasure, but more diplomatic, political, trade, investment and economic partnership.” Such partnerships fall under his purview, having just moved into what is arguably the second-most important posting for an Iraqi diplomat—after Tehran.


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