FP Mentioned in National Journal Article on State Department Confirmation Process


News Story from: 7/18/13

National Journal

“Why The Confirmation Process Is Completely Broken”

By: George E. Condon Jr. 


President Obama returned recently from a 10-day trip to five countries in Europe and Africa, where he met with 12 world leaders. He carried into those meetings American initiatives, diplomatic proposals, and economic programs. But, more embarrassingly, he also brought with him signs of the dramatic dysfunction of Washington and more proof that the U.S. government isn’t working the way it is supposed to.

For the first time in memory, a president in his second term didn’t have even the semblance of a full diplomatic team behind him as he huddled with foreign leaders. Either because he has not yet named appointees or because the Senate has not yet confirmed them, almost all of the key positions in the State Department are filled by “acting”—not permanent—officials. As Secretary of State John Kerry lamented at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing in April, “I’m still waiting.” Foreign Policy magazine put it succinctly in a headline: “Nobody Home at the State Department.”

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