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Never before have issues of national security been more important to America and the world. Global threats are ever-evolving and new technologies are changing the shape of security issues. The need for trusted, actionable, and real-time insight and analysis on these issues has never been more urgent.

With more than one million page views per month with .gov and .mil readers, FP National Security is their go-to source, reaching every defense ministry and leading military and intelligence organization in the world. Visit FP National Security here.

“The whole Pentagon reads his blog,”

Kurt Campbell, former Asst. Secretary of State in Washingtonian Magazine, referring to Tom’s Ricks’s The Best Defense blog on ForeignPolicy.com

  • The Best Defense: Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Tom Ricks convenes a unique conversation and debate around top national security and defense issues with the nation’s top military leadership. The Best Defense won the National Magazine Award for best blog in 2010, and it continues to be one of the most-read features on ForeignPolicy.com. Read it here.

  • The E-Ring takes readers inside the Pentagon’s power corridors with the E-Ring, a daily blog focused on the inner circle of the military industrial complex. From personnel and policy issues, to debates with Congress over defense spending and budget cuts, Baron will give his readers the edge on what’s happening inside the Pentagon. Read it here.

  • Killer Apps discusses national security in an age of cyber threats in Killer Apps. Reed reports on the research and development of new offensive and defensive cyber capabilities, the vulnerabilities of U.S. infrastructure, the mysterious new Cyber Command, and the many policy debates about the changing nature of war. Read it here.

  • Situation Report: Gordon Lubold authors Situation Report, a morning must-read newsletter packed with scoops, reporting on personnel, and an aggregation of the day’s most important stories in national security and defense. Read it here.