Editorial Calendar


In 2016, expect Foreign Policy magazine to experiment with perspectives: As we explore, uncover, and evaluate the most pressing issues of the day, FP will show you a new side of a story, or a new part of the world, through various storytelling techniques, challenging how you perceive the world around you. And we will do this all while building upon the traditions of excellence and insight that have been the foundations of the company’s growth since its launch in 1970.

The following calendar highlights a number of the planned features that will be highlighted in Foreign Policy magazine. Because our content is driven by news and events worldwide, please check with your FP Group representative for the latest update on this schedule.


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The Dispossessed Issue

11/25/15 12/02/15 01/12/16


Wars, conflict, and persecution have forced more people from their homes – 59 million and counting – than at any other time on record. Economic migrants are adding to these numbers, creating a mixed-migration phenomenon in many places. In this issue, FP looks at the people behind these migrations and explores what this human movement might mean for the world’s make-up in 2040.

Money & Power Issue

01/27/16 02/02/16 03/22/16

Mar /Apr

From Moscow to Washington, this issue explores the people behind power and what they plan to do with it. 

Science & Technology Issue

03/18/16 03/25/16 05/10/16

May /June

From the economic and legal aftermaths of cyber security incidents to the companies prepping for the 21st century asteroid gold rush, this issue explores the promise and perils of technology for national and international security. 

Summer Intrigue Issue

05/13/16 05/20/16 07/05/16

July / Aug

Intrigue, murder, sex: In this special summer issue, reporters explore some of the world’s most forgotten and overlooked real-life ‘whodunit’ tales, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes stories of international relations. This issue also includes the Best Summer Reading List.

Extreme Foreign Policy Issue

07/15/16 07/22/16 09/06/16

Sept / Oct

As the global population grows and geopolitical power shifts from a unipolar system, scarcity of critical resources will determine great power relationships. From mountains to gold mines, in this special issue, reporters take readers up-close and personal to see what this power actually means now – and what it may mean for the future.

100 Leading Global Thinkers Issue

10/21/16 10/28/16 11/13/16

Nov / Dec

FP’s annual look at the creative minds and big ideas that impacted the world and shaped health, governance, activism, economics, media, art, and other areas in 2016.  

We are pleased to share many of the special focus areas for FP in 2016—both print and online—with new, essential content presented online every day.


Providing essential coverage of the intersection of global business and foreign policy, FP is committed to delivering insights in four key areas: defense/national security; technology; markets, economics and trade; energy and resources.


Whether it is an established global gathering or a significant annual moment, FP will undertake special print and/or web coverage, distribution, and event creation upon request. Examples include: the U.S. presidential inauguration/new Congress; the spring and fall World Bank and IMF meetings; UNGA; the G-20 meetings. FP provides unprecedented access to the leaders of the world.