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Nation Branding

Setting the agenda for the people who run the world.

Creating, managing and sustaining a country’s brand is increasingly vital for long-term political and economic success – and the competition has never been more intense. That’s why Nation Branding is one of the most critical aspects of our business. In Washington, D.C., there are thousands of individuals who have the power to impact your government or corporation on a daily basis. Reaching & influencing those individuals can be challenging, but with the right tools and resources, the FP Group is uniquely situated to do exactly that. A growing number of countries leverage the FP Group’s Nation Branding Department to develop strategic communication solutions. Funded directly by a government or in conjunction with its private sector, these turnkey programs can complement any media campaign or stand alone as their own public diplomacy and education effort.

FP’s strategic communications services integrate a variety of capabilities including: advisory services, custom research, print special sections, online strategic counsel and live events with the people you most need to reach.

Every engagement that the FP Group undertakes begins with our gaining a deep understanding of a client’s objectives. Whether a country is seeking to increase trade, advocate a particular point of view on a political issue or more broadly deepen its relationship with the United States, FP’s experienced nation branding team works with the client to understand the core issue or issues the client wants to address and then develops an innovative plan that fully integrates FP’s services with clear metrics and a timeline. The nation branding team is comprised of FP staff and outside partners as needed with deep experience in international issues, communications, research and technology.

Custom Research

The FP Group conducts research among designated audiences on behalf of its clients. This can involve online polling of our web audience, independent surveys or white papers or even live wireless polling with our own proprietary systems. This research can be used to shape elements of a program from its inception or as a form of content itself. Results can be made public or kept confidential according to the clients’ preferences. The FP Group professionally designs and fields the study and the final reports are tabulated and presented with recommendations on how to best leverage the data.and a timeline. The nation branding team is comprised of FP staff and outside partners as needed with deep experience in international issues, communications, research and technology.

Special Print Sections

Special sections, published in very visible positions in our award-winning print magazine, are often a component in a nation branding program. In consultation with clients, FP’s writers, designers and photographers create content tailored to client’s needs. These sections are marked as “sponsored” and written by freelance writers experienced with the country or region. Special sections are typically reprinted and distributed to select audiences with customized cover letters to enhance their impact. The reports not only enable clients to deliver important messages with maximum impact but they also save clients significant expenditures usually reserved with outside communication consultancies as all the writing, editing, design and development are managed by the FP Group.

Digital Solutions

The FP Group’s web team works with clients to expand the reach of their messaging to our web audience of over 3.5 million visitors a day. The FP Group creates, designs and executes cohesive online campaigns that maximize impact and reach to key stakeholders.

Live Events

The FP Group develops high level, invitation only events for clients focused on a particular theme or issue. These events take many forms but their core mission is to give sponsors the opportunity to interact with leading stakeholders on issues critical to their business. The FP Events team works clients to develop the editorial concept for the event, coordinates event production and location facilities, and handles all logistics including event registration, food & beverage, programming and public relations. Follow up coverage of the meeting can be leveraged for the special print and online sections.

No two programs are identical- each is created with the collaboration and consultation of individual clients. The FP Group specifically only works on a limited number of engagements to preserve the impact of our efforts on behalf of our clients.

Join the many countries that rely on the power of the FP Group to communicate their message to policy makers, opinion leaders, and corporate executives. Please contact Chris Cotnoir, Chief Revenue Officer, at 1-646-757-4623 or email him at to discuss how the FP Group can create a customized nation branding program for you.