Chicago Tribune Features FP’s Rosa Brooks Article on the Military


News Story from: 8/1/13

Chicago Tribune

“Uncle Sam wants who?”

By Rosa Brooks


Last week, I wrote about common stereotypes of military personnel: Much of the time, the media and the general public seem to assume that those in the military are either heroes, villains, or victims. In the first narrative, servicemembers are courageous, selfless patriots to whom the rest of society owes eternal gratitude. In the second narrative, military personnel are rigid, brutal, imperialist thugs. In the third, those who join the military are hapless pawns, forced by economic hardship to fight the wars the rest of us wisely avoid, and condemned to a post-military life of substance abuse and PTSD.

The reality is far more complex than any of these distorting stereotypes. What follows is a quick snapshot of the U.S. military community.


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