Who We Reach


Our advertisers and event sponsors benefit from the FP Group’s exceptionally efficient line into world leaders — from cabinet ministers, to top military officers, to diplomats, and investors, FP’s global audience reaches every one of the world’s governments, militaries, and leading international institutions.

Because we’ve spent more than 40 years dependably meeting our readers needs for insight and analysis on the stories and trends reshaping the world daily, the FP Group can comprehensively deliver the most important decision-makers in the world, including:

  • Heads of state, cabinet ministers, central bank governors, and top deputies and department heads — the leaders from most governments in the world.

  • Top legislators, judiciary officials and regulators from the world’s largest economies and every member of the U.S. Congress, their key staff and members of the regulatory hierarchy in Washington.

  • Senior officials from the world’s leading multilateral organizations including the United Nations, World Bank, IMF and the regional development institutions, as well as military treaty organizations, environmental, health, resource-related, and other organizations.

  • Generals, admirals, and senior defense officials affiliated with most of the world’s militaries.

  • Chairmen, vice chairmen, chief executives, presidents, managing directors and board members as well as division other organizations.

  • C-suite and senior-level financial executives from nearly all of the world’s 200 largest banks, the 100 largest global asset managers, the 50 largest hedge funds and the most important financial market regulators.