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Foreign Policy is the leading international source for global news, providing an evolving network of world-leading insights and analysis coupled with rapidly expanding original reporting. Leaders are set apart by vision, the ability to see over the horizon and anticipate change. For them, the secret to doing so is being able to depend on trusted advisors like the FP Group — a world leader in the provision of insight and analysis on global affairs. Today FP’s role in making sense of the world has become increasingly essential, a trend made evident by FP’s explosive growth over the past three years:
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    ForeignPolicy.com: FP’s audience averages more than 2.4 million monthly readers, 40 percent of which come from outside the U.S. ForeignPolicy.com publishes upwards of twenty originally-reported articles and more than a dozen regular blogs and columns each day, while the print magazine publishes six issues annually and includes closely covered, often-cited features such as the annual 100 Leading Global Thinkers feature and special issues on themes from defense to emerging cities to the global economic crisis.

  • FP Events: The launch of FP Events features a number of diverse scheduled programs and an array of custom, client-focused events. Some of these events include: Transformational Trends, an annual strategic foreign policy summit, the Global Thinkers Celebration, honoring FP’s Global Thinkers issue, and the annual Diplomat of the Year dinner, recognizing an individual who has demonstrated outstanding diplomatic service. To read more about FP Events, click here.

  • World Renowned Contributors: FP is expanding its roster of articles by award-winning authors, renowned experts, and global leaders at the highest levels of government and industry to offer its readers unprecedented access to the leaders of the world. Contributors in recent years have included: Secretary of State John Kerry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Heads of State from more than 10 countries, and numerous award-winning writers and journalists. To read more about FP’s contributors, click here.

  • Expanded Delivery Platforms: FP’s expanded delivery platforms engage readers through tablets, mobile, Twitter, Facebook, and other new media vehicles. To read more about FP’s Digital platforms, click here